Our team

Composed of many people in cities and countries around the world, we as a native Arabic and English speaking team have acquired amazing experience in certified translating. With specific quality control officers to finalize and polish your project, we ensure that your finished work will be not only perfect, but also culturally correct!

Cool, but, how it works?

So far this all sounds amazing, but how does it really work you ask? Here are a few simple steps we’ve created to help you on your way to make your next project as easy as it sounds. Yes, we know your time is of the essence and it is valuable, so explore these simple steps below and let us help you with your next project.

Simply contact Done By Native for any extra information or to inquire about your free quote. We as a team are ready to tackle any project and topic that comes our way. We will review your project and send a free quote within 48 hours.
By uploading a sample of your project, whether it’s a websites, mobile apps, documents or even proofreading, we will analyze your project with an appropriate translator in the contents of the subject. We know that all projects are different, so with all our qualified translators in every subject area, we are sure to give you the best culturally correct result.
Once you agree and send us your full project, the appropriate translator will begin working on your project. Each translator is assigned to a specific Project Manager, who is fluent in both English and Arabic, to manage and supervise the translation of your project. We take pride in our Quality Control Officers who are assigned to every project, to ensure that the final project is perfect by proofreading, editing, and finalizing your work. These Quality Control Officers will have an extensive knowledge on the subject that is being translated, so it ensures that the project will not only be perfect, but also culturally correct.