General questions

We employee only native speakers of English and Arabic and have multiple layers of QC to ensure each and every final product is perfect.

Each client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the translation process and deliver the final products. Our Project Managers are also English and Arabic fluent linguists.

Unlike machine translations, our services guarantee translations that are factual and make sense culturally. The translators assigned to each project translate into their native language (with expert fluency in the source language) and are appropriately qualified more translating the specific material and subject area.

Of course! As you probably know, Arabic reads right to left and English reads left to right so all of our translation products result in stylistic changes. If you're project includes design - or you want it to! - we are happy to reposition images, page numbers, etc. to ensure the final product is professional.

Every project is different. Once you've contacted us for your no obligation FREE quote, we will provide not only the fee for our services, but also an estimate of when we can have the final product completed. Should you need a rapid turn around, we are ready to accommodate. Fees will increase depending on lead time.

Contact the General Info Desk via email at [email protected] or the Project Manager assigned to your contract, if assigned. You can also call at (571) 482-9277 and someone will return your call ASAP.

Yes, you can upload as many documents as you have. If you prefer to email your document, you can do so: [email protected]
We will send the final project to you via email. If you need a hard copy certified by our company, just request it and we'll send it to you via snail mail.
Please upload documents as PDFs, JPGs, GIFs or Word Documents.
Translation of my project
En-Ar Translation Experts only hires the best.

Through a competitive recruitment process we employ only native speakers of Arabic and English who have significant experience as translators. Our quality control checks ensure that our produced products are perfect.
As soon as your order is placed you will be assigned a Program Manager. This individual will serve as your personal contact at DoneByNative during the process. We encourage you to contact your Program Manager for any project specific questions. If you have more general questions, you can contact us at ([email protected]).
Just let us know and we'll do our best to meet your need!