Business/Organization Translations

In today's world businesses and organizations must communicate accurately and effectively with foreign language clients, employees, and stakeholders. Done By Native has extensive experience providing translation services to translate employee manuals, correspondence, annual reports, contracts, marketing materials, and other documents into English and Arabic.

Website/Mobile Application Translations

Monolingual websites and mobile apps are quickly becoming obsolete. The potential market for English and Arabic speaking audiences is enormous and addressing theses audiences using the native language is always best. Our professional linguists translate, localize, and manage each project to bridge all cultural and language differences. Use Done By Native to professionalize your website and mobile apps in order to better communicate with global audiences.

Document Translations

Individuals, organizations and businesses use our translation services to undertake small and large translation projects. Our professional translators cover all subject fields. Done By Native has handled numerous projects and are ready to tackle any assignment.

Proofreading Services

Done By Native is available to ensure your documents are not only linguistically accurate, but also culturally correct. Our staff can correct nuances that actually made a huge difference in meaning and authenticity.


Whether you need an audio file or a visual file to be translated, we at EnAn Experts are experienced in audio recording services. If you have a prewritten script from an existing audio or video, we are able to translate and record in either English or Arabic. We will translate your script specifically for voice over to ensure that your project is both targeting and broadening your audience at a professional and culturally correct standard. Our team will provide you with the highest quality of audio that is fully edited to fit your audio or video file.

Please click here to request an audio sample delivered to your e-mail.


We understand that transcribing takes time, but with our experienced transcribers, we are able to transcribe swiftly and professionally. If you have a recording, an audio file, or even an video file that you’d like to have transcribed, we are able to help you. If you are looking for an Arabic audio to Arabis text, or English audio to English text, we have transcribers that are fully experienced in the targeted language. Perhaps you’d like an Arabic audio file to be transcribed into English or vice versa, we at EnAr have the experience and team to have your project transcribed and translated.

Let us take care of your blog

To keep followers returning to your blog, we understand the need to maintain your business or personal blog. We offer original blog content and blog maintenance with our team that is experienced in vast subject areas. Please contact us for any specific information about our blog services.